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The InNations group, with a full range of dedicated agencies and expert partners, functions as a hub for continuous development, whether institutional, economic or personal.

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Le groupe InNations, ses départements dédiés et son réseau d’agences spécialisées, opère comme un hub pour le développement des Nations par l’Innovation auprès des Institutions, du secteur Privé et des Particuliers.

Rue des bains 35

1205 Geneva | Switzerland



4P Model

Knowledge, Image, Performance: at the heart of the InNations Group's action

Foster a culture of knowledge Capital

Just like People, Institutions and Private Organizations find that their primary source of competitive advantage increasingly lies in the unique proprietary knowledge they possess. The value that comes with unique understanding provides a real edge and make of Knowledge a Power.

Communication as the core pillar

Communication is a foundational value and core competence we apply across all our projects and activities. We constantly take steps to improve, develop, and expand communication abilities, both interpersonally and with the world.

Transferring skills for Sustainable and lasting Development

The transfer of skills makes it possible to secure knowledge. InNations Group implements an approach favouring the transfer of skills in order to offer organisations and their People the means of their own development. As such, all our departments put every effort into training and capacity-building. 

A Holistic approach to Development

4P Model
4P Model for Development: The Public-Private-People Partnership