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The InNations group, with a full range of dedicated agencies and expert partners, functions as a hub for continuous development, whether institutional, economic or personal.

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Le groupe InNations, ses départements dédiés et son réseau d’agences spécialisées, opère comme un hub pour le développement des Nations par l’Innovation auprès des Institutions, du secteur Privé et des Particuliers.

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Digital Peace Support

The Digital Peace Support (DPS)

How do we help you for communication in an era of opinion-oriented justice?


The Digital Peace Support deploys skills not only to prepare clients for the communication strategy but help courtrooms and clients decide which type of channel will help uncover the truth.

The Digital Peace Support assists you in the structure of services used to promote social responsibility fulfillment within the court system.

Judges, juries, and lawyers may confer with a Court Consultant on a case or subject matter within the case for a sounder and community conscious decision and therefore require the Digital Peace Support expertise at Onedev.

What will the public opinion think about your case?

Imagine knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your case well before you enter the courtroom. Imagine knowing ahead of time how media will react to your facts, your witnesses, and your presentation style. It is made possible with behavioural media & communication science. Behavioral media & communication science provides you with the profession’s most sophisticated case preparation tools.

Our services give you that winning “edge” before even having to go to trial:

Focus Groups

Mock Campaign

Case Theme Development

Client Preparation

Multi-media studio

Media Selection & SMQ’s (Supplemental media’s Questionnaires & surveys)

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