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The InNations group, with a full range of dedicated agencies and expert partners, functions as a hub for continuous development, whether institutional, economic or personal.

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Le groupe InNations, ses départements dédiés et son réseau d’agences spécialisées, opère comme un hub pour le développement des Nations par l’Innovation auprès des Institutions, du secteur Privé et des Particuliers.

Rue des bains 35

1205 Geneva | Switzerland


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Public Development




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Explore Governance


Improving the lives of citizens worldwide by helping Institutions, organisations from public and private sector, solve the most pressing transformational challenges, we bring digital and business solutions to organizations. We are committed to implement the best solutions at the best possible value.


Supporting regulations to make compliance work for People


Connecting the ecosystems to embrace all partners of Development

Capacity Building

Building the Workforce for a visionary & innovative service


Clear communications to help people understand their entitlements and obligations with evolving needs





We empower central, local and international governments and decision makers to lead governance transformation programmes to create smart, sustainable and effective governance, as well as e-Government solutions in G2C, G2B, G2G and G2E interactions with measurable social value impact indicators.
Govchain’s support meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability.

Accelerate a global culture shift
Empowering stronger communities
Creation of more reliable and high quality interaction
Accelerating inclusive and sustainable development models

Positive impact for citizens, communities and global partners

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