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The InNations group, with a full range of dedicated agencies and expert partners, functions as a hub for continuous development, whether institutional, economic or personal.

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Le groupe InNations, ses départements dédiés et son réseau d’agences spécialisées, opère comme un hub pour le développement des Nations par l’Innovation auprès des Institutions, du secteur Privé et des Particuliers.

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Lead with Impact

Take it to the next level

Tremendous forces are radically reshaping interactions. There are new development and technology challenges to be faced as leaders wrestle with disruptive innovation, global trade, skills mismatches and the constant change of trends.

The challenges are enormous, some of the key areas we’ll assist you are:

Identifying your proposition

Choosing your causes and/or markets

Get engaged in the global debate

Integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ensuring you have a resilient and efficient operating model

And many more challenges to make a change, grow internationally and position in the market

As you gain ground, new issues will always emerge: you need the right framework and understanding to grow and the right skills for expansion. Whether that’s exporting for the first time, advocate for a cause, developing a digital operation, or broadening a global positioning for yourself, your products or services, we support you in identifying and manage the issues that arise. We have the experience that’s relevant to you and the expertise to turn ambition into success.

Here are 5 ways to help you make a positive impact

The best personal development approach exposes you to a wide range of sources, ensuring you’ll never be lost next time you’re taking a step to engaging further. Extensive knowledge of personal values will help you prepare you to be where your leadership is needed.

The world needs people who are capable of approaching problems critically and solving them. The right information helps you on how to think, rather than what to think and auto-assess and critique your own ideological baggage, so you can identify the assumptions and unconscious biases which affect the way you interpret the world around you.

With The Optimis® method, you’ll be able to influence better and in a smarter way the world around you. Whatever way you engage, you’ll be making a tangible difference in a broad range of areas, allowing you to be heard and to position yourself accordingly.

We live in a world with a large number of countries that do not encounter any differentiation on the digital space. If you want to get involved in critical issues, Onedev and the network of InNations Group can give you a role within the international development sector. By participating in global issues, you’ll be in a much better place to change the world around you.

Our century needs bright minds who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Fake news have split up communities, paving the way for terrible crimes against humanity and the abnegation of basic human rights. Onedev makes you more aware of global issues by providing you with the right information and sources to combat fake news.